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      China packing tape machine began to enter the American market


      China's sealing tape machine could open the United States and China market, a sealing tape machine technical level, but also with the United States of America sealing tape machine market forms.

      Through imitating, the introduction of technology and capital as well as the globalization procurement mode, Chinese box sealing tape machine manufacturing level and the level of industrial design to be able to develop quickly. China's sealing tape machine manufacturing enterprises easily through global procurement of some key parts, so as to rapidly improve the technical level of equipment and reliability. If in the high speed labeling machine, sealing tape machine and a mechanical hand and other equipment, Chinese manufacturing machinery to German, Italian, Japanese product competition, so in some low technology content of products, China now produces a lot of sealing tape machine, has been able to meet the United States market requirements, and are the most in the short term may obtain a breakthrough. Especially some universal sealing tape machine, such as shrink packaging machine, binding machine, ^ * * *, labeling machine, sealing machine, vacuum packing machine, weighing / filling / sealing machine and so on, the products made in China to the United States of America cost half of the products, with strong competitiveness. Low price is China sealing tape machine to enter the American market the best astepping-stone to success.

      20 years ago, who would have believed that Chinese manufacturing household electrical appliances in the United States on the market occupies an important position, can even decide the global household appliance market price trend? Today, who would suspect after 10 years, the United States of America packaging market will be substantial use of from Chinese manufacturing sealing tape machine?

      Open China and constantly create a your common people feel unbelievable miracle.

      As a highly developed the free market, the United States of America sealing tape machine manufacturer" polarization" the phenomenon is obvious. In order to test preparation, coding device for small electronic products in the United States developed a thriving; and to shrink packaging machine, packaging machine sealing machine based universal sealing tape machine is also a considerable proportion; labeling machine, sealing machine tape consisting mainly of large sealing tape machine production line the United States of America, basically has not the production, the market almost for all imported equipment, especially German, Italian manufacturers of equipment occupied.

      Maybe 10 years is too conservative, because China is undergoing the process of accelerated development, as a free and open market, the United States of America 's door is always open to China packaging enterprises. The problem is China packaging enterprises when, in what way to enter, and success.


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