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      In three provinces packing tape industry demonstration base


      Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Committee through a letter released the first batch of provincial industry demonstration base list, Zhejiang Province carton sealing tape price ( three ) industry demonstration base in which.

      Provincial industry demonstration base with the relative concentration of enterprises, industrial scale is larger, higher market share, regional brand characteristics obviously, improve the industrial chain, research and development and innovation ability, the industrial service system etc.. For the demonstration base, provincial departments in technical progress, quality brand, elements of protection, resource integration, modern logistics, information platform construction, guidance and support.

      In early 2002, three have been awarded the "Zhejiang Province rubber products professional production base " title, in 2006 by the China Rubber Industry Association awarded the" China sealing tape price industrial city" title. By the end of 2010, entire county is engaged in the production of rubber products, has more than 300 enterprises, employing about 25000 people, gross value of industrial output increased from 151000000 yuan in 2000 to 4650000000 yuan, the average annual growth rate of 45% above.

      Current, entire county dimensions above the rubber enterprise has 71, the output value exceeding 100 million yuan have six, 50000000 yuan of above have five, 10 million yuan of above have 29, among them, has been a well-known trademark in China four, four state-level high-tech enterprises, brand-name products in Zhejiang Province in two, Zhejiang Province three famous trademarks.

      It is understood, three County Rubber Industrial Agglomeration significantly, mainly gather in the west, bead AO and Gao Jian area, respectively, the county accounted for 25% of the total number of enterprises of rubber, 22%, 43%. Look from industrial structure, has formed a relatively complete, has a certain size, a certain level of technology of industry system, has a sealing tape price class, tire, tube, miscellaneous pieces, traffic facilities such as the five major categories of thousands of varieties of different specifications, covering all rubber products category, involving all walks of life.


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