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      Packing tape price in the related equipment to fully mix technology

      2011-12-23 Packing tape price in the relevant technology and equipment to fully mix of current demand, a professional manufacturer of the produce of the sales, in the technical ability is in an industry leading level, form packing tape prices have the characteristics of the sealing machine.
      According to market changes to make rapid response ability, for sealing machine as one of packaging machine industry, also pay attention to long-term sustainable development.
      The sealing machine is now a used by enterprises, for sealing machine use to packaging machine on the level underside, lock the brake caster wheel, adjust a foot frame to suitable for height, make the machine frame building for a horizontal position. Will the carton sealing in conveying needed on the stage: adjusting the lifting handle, make on glue to take the lead at the end of a transmission plane below the cartons


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