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      Packing tape out later we can leave packing tape core


      Sealing tape ran out after we can leave sealing tape core, using the abandoned sealing tape core to make the belt cover box. Because the sealing tape inside the circular core diameter is basically the same, so it is very easy to use. The box on the table can help us take a lot of little things.

      Waste box sealing tape core making lidded box production steps:

      In 1, with double-sided adhesive tape packing paper is bonded to the cover.

      2, sealing tape outside the core also stick on packaging paper.

      3, inside the sticky paper.

      In 4, the box cover at the bottom of the box production method, finally inside the box gluing a circle of hard disk, the utility of such a case is complete.

      5, prepare two sealing tape core, can be the same height, can also like I choose two different high sealing tape core.

      In 6, the hard paper sheet to draw a box sealing tape core diameter size, and then cut out of the wafer diameter larger than.

      In 7, on a wafer cutting saw foot-like, cut to draw the circle edge.

      In 8, the zigzag fold, and then put the circular fixed with double-sided tape to tape core inside.

      9, cut wrapping paper, also on the edge of many openings cut out.


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