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      And the king DeBanJiao PE protective film sticky choose the best quality materials make the best DeBanJiao


      PE protective film plastic flooring imported high quality polyethylene material, use or after use will not have any toxic gas and volatile and harmful to the environment of the material, widely used in various industrial fields of product protection, effectively reduce the bad products and upgrade product value effect.

      In 1, plastic injection molding products: ABS, PP, PVC plate injection molding products, acrylic panels, instrument panels, plastic lens;

      In 2, famous printing: PVC, PC, aluminum, copper and other metal, plastic surface protection of famous brand;

      In 3, decorative plate: stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy, aluminum, titanium plate, steel plate, Polaroid board, ceramic, polyester products such as sheet metal surface protection;

      In 4, a purifying chamber series: rubber floor sticky dust, sticky dust drum, anti-static bags and other products; mobile phone, computer, TV, PDA and other electronic products widely used.

      Product application:

      In 5, the computer hardware products: computer chassis shell, galvanized sheet metal stamping, computer paint plates, plastic injection molding, printing and spray painting surface protection;

      In 6, a liquid crystal electro-optical series: LCD liquid crystal display, backlight, EL electric cold light sheet, conductive membrane switch, touch screen, color computer monitors surface protection;


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