Best Private Student loans and the rates of interest on it

    The private student loans are the loans those are not provided by the government. The loans are simply offered from the banks, financial institutions and a private lender with the intention of helping or funding for the educational necessities of students. Students generally should be enlisted to utilize student loans, but a few private lenders have sanctioned the loan programs to applicants even after their graduation also. Before using these kind of private loans, students have to know about the full details of private loans. Generally, it’s good to apply, the student loans through the federal student loans which are rapidly offered by the government. The loan programs of the government have more advantages than compare to private student programs. the federal loan program offered from the government has a certain benefits over the private loans.

Considerable factors for the Private Student Loans

Depending on two factors, the student will be decided himself either he wants to choose the loan or avoid the loan

1. The applicants should be qualified for the loan

2. The total amount of money available from the lenders

  • Students are getting loans easily from the federal loan program, here there is no need of checking for credit history of that individual. There is no requirement of a proof of the applicant’s income for some of federal student loans. The government has able to give the money as long as the student in institute of education. In case of the Private loan programs, the applicant should require a necessary and relatively a good score of credit. If the student doesn’t have a good credit history. it’s not that much easier task to gain loan unless the student acquires any guarantee or a proper surety for his loan from a co-signer.
  • However the government loans for students are very easy to join and qualify for it, they can not be enough to cover all the costs of borrowing. The student unable to borrow as much as he want, there is a dollar limit. For applicants who take money to cover his living expenses in addition to books, tuition fee, transport cost and equipment related to education like laptops. it’s very common to overcome the limit. Because of this reason, Students of private colleges and other state students always require more than the amount given by federal loans. The Private loans program facilitates and offers more amount of money to students as per their requirements.

To make convenient for the students while searching a proper financial sources for their studies other than government loan programs, we categories the banks and good lenders as per their friendly interest rates towards students. In that the below listed banks and lenders could help the borrower to refinance the student loans.

Ascent Bank

Ascent bank is a lender of online, it offers two kinds of the private student loans. one is Ascent Tuition, and a guaranteed co-signer loan, another one is Ascent Independent, that provides the  undergraduate both seniors and juniors as well as the graduate students to take the loan without a co-signer. If the student has a co-signer, Ascent Tuition allows lower  rate of interest. These are the interest rates on Fixed: 5.41% – 14.46%6 and Variable: 4.25% – 14.46%6 including the rates for Ascent’s Tuition fee and the Independent loans, provides a discount of 0.25% on auto payment.

Citizens One

The Citizens One provide Student Loan which is a credit-based loan, it will be looking for the inquiry on the credit report of the student which is provided by him. Students will require a reasonably good credit history, it can be obtained from the credit score of the applicants. If a student does not have a sufficient and enough credit history, then he should need a co-signer to get the loan. These are the both Fixed rates. 25% – 12.19%1 as well as the Variable rates of 4.48% – 12.45%1 With including the rates of interest for the undergraduate loans, and Lowest rates of interest includes the loyalty discount and reduction of interest rates of 0.25% on the automatic payment.

College Ave

This also provides a student loan for both graduation and for under graduation courses. the student should have a strong credit history otherwise he needs a co-signer to get a loan. The rate of interest for Fixed: 5.29% – 12.78%2 as well as variable: 4.07% – 11.32%2. this one also includes the discount on interest of 0.25% for auto payment.


This lender has faith in responsible and reasonable borrowing and helps the students by increasing the scholarships, tuition, grants, fee and at various aspects of free financial support before giving loans. The private student loan which offered from this covers up to all education costs with a reasonable fixed : 5.99% – 13.64%5 and Variable interest rates 4.49% – 13.14%5. The lender also provides an discount of 0.25% for the rate of interest on auto payment.


The lender of SunTrust provides a private student loan which can help to fulfil the all educational necessities of students. The Private loans are available to both undergrads and also for graduate students.  The student loans give money for tuition, transportation, housing and all other institute expenses. The interest rates for both fixed: 5.35% – 14.05% and Variable rate of interest is 4.376% – 13.375%

Sallie Mae

It offers a wide range of private student loans for both undergraduates, as well as graduates, students in pursuing their certificates with the include of career student training. The students have to score good credit to get loans otherwise they need the help of parents, relatives as a co-signers of them for a loan. It provides a featured interest rates of fixed : 5.74% – 11.85% along with the interest rates of Variable: 4.62% – 11.47% .


Students should need to have a co-signer with a strong credit history to get the private student loan from this lender. If the co-signer has good credit score, it implies on the lower interest rates on the loan taken. Here co-signer plays a key role in the approval of private student loan for debtor.

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